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Transformersanimated transformers tfa bumblebee prowl transformersprime ratchet bulkhead optimus autobots optimusprime megatron blitzwing decepticons. Optimus prime and bumblebee x reader.

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That was your own fault, you supposed.

Transformers animated blitzwing x reader. Blitzwing is my absolute most favorite character in animated…and prowl, but prowl get's enough love. Getting cornered by blitzwing, and now getting cornered and confronted by starscream. Mirage x reader (sequel) starscream x femme!reader (slightly nsfw) optimus prime x female!child!reader.

Reader from the story transformers oneshots (requests closed!) by datfangirlchick (randomness overload) with 5,675 re. Furthermore, i feel like there is an overflow of cybertronian x human reader stories compared to cybertronian x cybertronian reader stories. Blackarachnia transformers transformersanimated bulkhead bumblebee waspinator optimusprime blitzwing sentinel prowl ratchet optimus.

Please enjoy, and tfa does not belong to me. Here is another transformers story, except this one's animated, not prime. Apparantly, this was just too much for blitzwing, whose random face raced back into focus laughing and.

We need starscream back, he declared. Blitzwing is a recurring antagonist in transformers: Moving to the crib's side, he peered down at starscream.

Part two is finally here! So here it is, my blitzwing fanfic. As soon as starscream's little purple optics met megatron's blood red ones, he smiled and giggled, reaching.

His random personality decides to follow you, wanting to. Blitzwing transformers tfa lugnut megatron animated bumblebee prowl transformersanimated starscream bulkhead optimus ratchet onix optimusprime autobots prime decepticons shockwave jazz 99 stories. 390 notes jul 16th, 2017.

Blitzwing x autobot reader 2 (animated verse) deviation actions. Sideswipe & sunstreaker (g1) x human female! You'd pretty much told off both the autobots and the decepticons, saying you'd never join them and everything, and since every other cybertronian on earth had picked a side they all left you well enough alone.

Blitzwing x reader no way swindle, go ask some other bot! blitzwing said crossing his arms over his chest, swindle had been trying to get blitzwing to show off his tank form for the humans, swindle would use his holoform telling the humans that this was a tank from world war two making them pay to see it. Various transformers one shots, reader inserts, imagines, scenarios, and headcanons. Have never written anything for tfa,…

Everyday blitzwing (now your boyfriend of two years) would wake you up, he functioned as an adorable but very scary alarm clock. Blitzwing tfa transformers transformers animated blitzwing x reader x reader reader insert reader bumblebee. Truly this day was the worst.

You haven't seen another cybertronian in months. I kicked writer's block to the curb and typed out the last 4 to 5 kb tonight. Published february 5, 2018 · updated 11 months ago.

My four bitty bots by rubypasha. A little whimper escaped his lips, as the sparkling was getting ready to start crying. Beautiful, dead yet alive, capable of flight…a weapon, an advantage, an asset.

One shots of you and your favorite transformer characters. Please read the rules before requesting. It most likely happens while on a mission, and he spots you going about your business ;

Megatron onlined his optics abruptly, causing lugnut and blitzwing to flinch. Blind obedience does have it's positives for some pairings: 1 personality 2 biography 3 powers and abilities 4 gallery 5 navigation blitzwing has multiple personality disorder.

Read tfa blitzwing x human!reader from the story transformers oneshots by dragongirl642 with 5,753 reads. I would rather write for the one that isn't done to death. Awww you're so tiny y/n!! and that was what you'd hear every morning you'd wake up.

Transformers animated, transformers prime and transformers (michael bay version) *requests are closed for the time being! Mostly g1, transformers animated, transformers prime, and more than meets the eye (mtmte/idw) rated. You didn't mind but those days that it was in the after noon and you were just taking a nap.

Standing proud, an indestructible warrior. I will write for transformers animated, transformers prime, beast wars, cyberverse, mtmte, and lost light. Tfa, tfa for time keeping.

Transformers x reader one shot story.

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